warmroom® magnetic radiator heat saver

warmroom® magnetic heat saver reflects the heat produced by radiators back into the room, preventing heat loss through the wall behind your radiator.

warmroom® fits in seconds to the rear of your radiator and helps to:

  • reduce energy usage
  • reduce carbon emissions
  • save you money

Heat loss from radiators fitted onto outside walls, such as beneath a window, is a known inefficiency in homes and businesses.

warmroom® was developed in conjunction with the University of Sheffield to solve the problem of radiators pumping conductive heat into your walls rather than your room.

The reflective surface of each warmroom® panel has a low surface emissivity which reflects heat and stops it from radiating to a cold place such as an outside wall. The opposing surface of the panel is magnetic, which allows it to grip the rear of the radiator and remain in place indefinitely.

In tests carried out at Sheffield University, the wall temperature behind a radiator was measured at 45°C. After fitting warmroom® panels to the rear of a radiator the wall temperature dropped to 25°C.

How to fit warmroom®:

  1. Slide the warmroom® magnetic panels vertically down the back of the radiator with the magnetic side facing the radiator and the reflective side facing the wall.
  2. Press the warmroom® panels in place with your fingers ensuring each panel sits edge to edge. 
  3. Completely cover the rear of the radiator to gain the maximum benefit provided by warmroom®. If required cut narrow strips of warmroom® with scissors to ensure total coverage.
  4. Allow 30 minutes after fitting the warmroom® panels, before feeling the wall temperature behind the radiator to discover how cool it is.

Please Note: radiators with very thin, widely spaced fins are not suitable for use with warmroom® as there is insufficient surface area available for the magnetic surface of the panels to attract to.


The magnetism of the panels is permanent; to keep the warmroom® panels performing at their peak capacity remove them occasionally and wipe the reflective surface clean.

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